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wmfd.com - Attorney General Eric Holder spent the day in Ferguson, Missouri Wednesday.

Attorney General Eric Holder Visits Ferguson, Missouri

Story By: Larry Stine



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Attorney General Eric Holder spent the day in Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday. His visit comes after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed African-American teen, sparking nearly two weeks of unrest in the small city, Many people were glad to see the federal government taking an interest in what's happening in the community. He came with assurances from Washington that there will be a full and fair investigation in Ferguson. Attorney General Eric Holder today meeting with students and with community leaders and bringing a personal commitment to a community torn apart. "We want to help as best we can," Holder says. Holder is overseeing the FBI's investigation into the police shooting and any potential civil rights violations, but, as for criminal charges against the officer involved, that will be up to local officials. A neighbor who knew Michael Brown says he does not have much faith in the state. "I'm glad the state, the state decide to pick this up, or the federal government decides to investigate this, because if they wouldn't, this young man would not get justice," says Howard Bronner. Howard Bronner says the image of Michael Brown's body, which he saw that day, still disturbs him. "I just, it just horrified," says Bronner. "I see that young man laying in the street every time I go to sleep." Today, a local grand jury began hearing evidence in the police shooting. Protesters repeated calls to remove county prosecutor Robert McCulloch, saying McCulloch is too close to the police. His father was an officer, and was killed trying to arrest an African-American suspect. But McCulloch vowed he would not walk away from the job, and said the loss of his father did not make him biased. "What it did for me was, or to me, was make me, I think, a fierce advocate for victims of violence," says Robert McCulloch, St. Louis County, Missouri Prosecutor. "I know the pain that the Brown family is going through right now." Meantime, the unrest here in Ferguson continues. Demonstrators were out again last night and police made 47 arrests and confiscated two guns. Still, it was calmer last night that the night before. Officials hope tensions are easing. "I think our community is turning against the criminals that are trying to project this community in a bad light," says Capt. Ron Johnson, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. But, at a nearby church, controversy came. Police came this afternoon, saying they were checking to see if protesters had been illegally sleeping there. Members of the community accused the police of intimidation and harassment. "They've been intimidating us for the last couple of nights," says Aaron Burnett, a community organizer.

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