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wmfd.com - Citizens of Oklahoma City honored the memories of those killed in the bombing of the federal building there 20 years ago.

Ceremony Held To Mark 20 Years Since Oklahoma City Bombing

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Citizens of Oklahoma City honored the memories of those killed in the bombing of the
federal building there 20 years ago.
  Ryan Nobles has more on how the city remembered all they had lost.
  One by one the names were read out loud.
  There were 168 people killed on April 19, 1995, in the worst domestic terrorism incident in U.S. history.
  Thousands attended this solemn memorial to mark the two decades since the tragedy, and to make sure the legacy of those killed in the attack will never be forgotten.
  "When you strip away all the things that divide us, it's important to remember, how tied we are and how much we, all Americans owe Oklahoma City," says former President Bill Clinton.
  Former President Bill Clinton was in office when the bomb went off in 1995,
  Today, he marvels at how far Oklahoma City has come.
  "For 20 years you have honored the memories of your loved ones, you have inspired us with the power of your renewal, you have reminded us that we should all live by the Oklahoma standard," President Clinton says.
  Then-Governor Frank Keating oversaw the recovery effort.
  He believes the bombing did not build the character of the people of Oklahoma.
  He said it revealed what was already there.
  "It was astonishing to me it was a universal culture of sharing," Keating says.
  Those who lived through the tragedy say this city will never be the same.
  Its people changed forever, but their resilience and commitment have never wavered.
  And this memorial demonstrates just how far they have come.

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