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wmfd.com - A Pennsylvania lawmaker is reintroducing legislation to help keep drivers safe during snowstorms.

Bill Requires Truck Drivers To Remove Snow Or Pay Up

Story By: Larry Stine

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  A Pennsylvania lawmaker is reintroducing legislation to help keep drivers safe during snowstorms.
  It requires tractor-trailer drivers to remove snow from their semis before driving, or pay up.
  Kelly Choate has the story.
  "I love it! I love the snow! I love driving in it, I love everything to do with it!"
  Randy Montgomery actually enjoys driving his tractor-trailer through the snow storm.
  But the driver from California also understands the risk of leaving snow and ice on top of his truck.
  "It could be very dangerous, depending on what you're going underneath," Montgomery says. "We're already at the height limit. You have to watch what you're doing there, it'll take the snow off the top of the load, but I don't think you want to do that!"
  State Senator Lisa Boscola has reintroduced legislation that would require the removal of snow and ice from tractor-trailers before driving.
  Under her bill, a police officer could determine if the ice or snow poses a threat to people or property.
  The driver could face a $25 to $75 fine.
  Current law only applies if debris causes serious injury or death.
   "While public awareness is key, we must underscore the seriousness of this issue with the force of law," Sen. Boscola says.
  Boscola says her legislation was prompted by the tragic death of a Northampton County woman.
  Christine Lambert was killed by a chunk of flying ice while driving to visit her family on Christmas day in 2005.
  "Right through the air, smashed through the windshield and killed her instantly," says Sen. Boscola. "The truck driver never stopped, likely he didn't even know what happened!"
  The state senator hopes more businesses will take the initiative to build ice scraping systems for their trucks.
  Montgomery says drivers need to use common sense.
  "Just use your head! Common sense! That's what will get you through it all," Montgomery says. "Don't push it. No load is important enough to risk your life or anyone else's life!"

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