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wmfd.com - Police expect to charge a man Monday in the beheading of an Oklahoma woman.

Police To File Charges Against Suspect In Beheading Of Woman

Story By: Larry Stine



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  Police expect to charge a man today in the beheading of an Oklahoma woman. The suspect will be arraigned as he continues to recover from the gunshot wounds he suffered last week. The accusations against Alton Nolen are hard for his family to hear. In a video posted online, a woman who identifies herself as Nolen's mother says there must be another side to the story. "I know what they're saying that he done, but I'm going to tell you this: that's not my son," Nolen was fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma, last Thursday. Police says he came back later in the day, attacking the first people he saw, using a knife to sever the head of a woman in the front office, then stabbing another woman several times. Police say Nolen had a Facebook profile under a different name with posts appearing to support Islamic radicals. Members of Nolen's mosque described the recent convert as distant, quiet, even odd. "You could tell he was different from everyone else, but as far as violence, we never saw it coming," says Saad Mohammed, who attended the same mosque as Nolen. But a state trooper who arrested Nolen in 2010 saw a different side of him. At one point, she says she had her gun pointed at his back. "If there had been any way to know the things he is alleged to have done a couple days ago, I would have killed him when I had the opportunity," says Trooper Betsey Randolph of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Police say they expect to charge Nolen with first degree murder an assault with a deadly weapon. Federal law enforcement officials say the attack doesn't appear to be linked to terrorism.
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