Man With Brain Injury Bikes Cross-Country To Raise Awareness

  • 8/14/2019 6:59:40 PM
  • WMFD Digital Team
  • Local News

ONTARIO, OH - A New Jersey man is bicycling across America to spread awareness about how brain injuries are treated after he suffered a traumatic run-in with a drunk driver.

During one of his bicycle rides, New Jersey native William Galloway was hit and struck by a drunk driver, causing serious injuries and traumatic brain injury. Since his recovery, Galloway has been biking cross-country for the last two years to share his story.

"There is no end to it," Galloway said. "Some people want to call me something like a Forrest Gump."

Galloway says that institutions which are supposed to help deal with traumatic brain injuries are not well-funded or equipped across the country - something Galloway wishes to bring attention to by continuing his biking adventures and talking with anyone who happens to run into him.

"It's been my fifth time," Galloway said. "It's been a journey I never thought I would be doing, but I am not going to stop." 

Galloway gets around the country by riding on the shoulder of interstate highways and back roads as he makes his way to the west coast through the Midwest. Throughout most of his journey, Galloway sleeps on park benches, rests in pavilions, and makes his way through terrible snowstorms as he continues to press onward.

No matter the circumstances, Galloway's problems have not deterred him in the slightest. Galloway will continue his travels through Ohio into the midwestern part of the country as he makes his way towards the Golden State.

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