Santa's Check List

You want to make sure Santa has everything he needs when he comes to your house. Below is a list of things that Santa likes! Be sure to print this off and check off everything.



  Cookies - Santa loves all cookies. Be sure to leave them by the fireplace or your Christmas tree. If you need a recipe for cookies Click here
  Milk - Santa loves milk. Leave him a big glass or you can make Santa Punch
  Lights - Leave a light on so Santa can see. We don't want him to get hurt.
  Reindeer Food - The reindeer need to eat too.  Put a carrot or two outside the door and they will come down off the roof to get it. (They like cookies too! )
  Tell Santa What You Want - Be sure to write Santa a letter and tell him what you want. To write him a letter click here !
  Be In Bed - Be sure to be in bed when Santa comes. If you are not sleeping he will not stop.


Write to Santa

Santa Check List

Santa's Favorite Cookies 


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