Drone Technology Takes Mansfield Police To New Heights

  • 8/24/2018 2:39:55 PM
  • WMFD Digital Team
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - On August 24th the Mansfield Police Department organized an aerial demonstration of their new drone technology, during which Chief Kenneth Coontz explained the new abilities and levels of efficiency these tools provide.

The drone they flew that morning was an M210, equipped with two separate cameras that allow officers to view crime scenes in HD resolution or in FLIR, which is capable of thermal imaging at great distances. Drones with cameras like these could enable faster canvassing of large areas in the case of a missing person. They could also be used to collect evidence at a crime scene or investigate traffic patterns near the scene of an accident. All of the data the drones collect can be easily viewed from Mansfield Police's Command Center, a mobile unit where officers can see what the drone sees and track it using GPS.

Chief Coontz and Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker, who spoke at the demonstration, agreed that this type of data collection should be used responsibly. 

"I'm extremely excited about this," said Mayor Theaker. "We have individuals that have taken this very seriously. There's a lot of training that goes into this, a lot of testing, and we have individuals with FAA licenses to fly these drones so that we abide by all the rules, regulations and the laws of the state and the federal government. I take pride in the Chief and the Assistant Chief and everybody involved in putting together policies and procedures that make sure that we do everything the right way."

According to Chief Coontz, with these policies and procedures in place, Mansfield Police have increased their capacity to serve the city of Mansfield, particularly in the areas of search and rescue. 

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