Spirit Casket Visit To Ohio Reminds Drivers Of Move Over Law

  • 10/19/2018 4:04:38 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Local first responders gathered at the Mansfield Motor Speedway for Traveling Memorial Day. 

The ceremony promoted public awareness on the Move Over law, as well as pay tribute to fallen first responders killed on the roadways. 

The Move Over law is in place in every state, designed to protest first responders and other roadside workers. In Ohio, the law requires that drivers move over to an adjacent lane when they see they are approaching any parked vehicles with flashing or rotating lights. 

"We are trying to bring awareness to the motoring public about the Slow Down, Move Over campaign," Brad Fisher, Owner of Valley Towing in Lucas, said. "We are diligently trying to get all the awareness out there that if you are passing a motorist with emergency lights on, pick a lane, slow down, and move over."

A spirit casket represented the risk that every first responder takes when they respond to a scene on the roadway. The artwork of the casket features scenes of responders working on the roadways, and one scene showed a towman carrying the world on his back as cars pass by. 

The casket's color scheme represented patriotism and tragedy, with one end containing red and white stripes and faded stars and the other end red, white, and blue bars. The red symbolizing the blood sacrificed, white symbolizing the spirit of the fallen, and blue symbolizing the loss of family. 

The ceremony included a singing of "Bless the Spirit Riders", which is an original song composed as an anthem for the Spirit Ride. 

The spirit casket has visited more than 300 cities in the United States. 

A procession was held after the ceremony as trucks and vehicles followed the spirit casket which carried the message: "Slow Down, Move Over."

According to the National Safety Commission, 71% of Americans are not aware of the Move Over law. 

The Federal Highway Administration has stated that casualties on the roadside have doubled among fire, rescue, and EMS sectors in 2017. A report also states that a two operated is killed every six days on the nation's highways. 

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