WATCH: Two Shelby Students Shoved Out Of Class By Teacher

  • 2/17/2017 10:30:58 AM
  • Jay Jackman
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - A video was sent of security footage in the hall of Shelby's Dowds Elementary School, outside of gym showing two male students getting shoved out of class. WMFD has had many concerned parents reach out in regards to the situation that occurred at the school on Monday. 

Shelby Police Chief, Lance Combs, stated that The Shelby Police Department was contacted by a concerned parent saying there was a situation involving her third-grade student and the gym teacher. 

Bob DeLauder has been placed on paid administrative leave until completion of the investigation.  

In the Shelby Police report by Captain Mack, it stated that the parents explained to Mack that they were upset because their son was thrown through a door and nobody even contacted them to let them know. The mother stated that she found out about the incident because someone sent her a Facebook message.

In a hand-written report sent to WMFD the teacher mentioned how the students were complaining about the basketball drills saying it was "Stupid" and "Retarded" several times during the activity. 

Parents informed us that DeLauder told the students that if they did not like participating they could go the principle's office, and then proceeded to grab the one student by the arm and escorted him to the hall.

Shelby Law Director, Gordon Eyster, viewed the video several times from both angles. He also read the documentation provided by the school.

Captain Mack explained to Eyester that the only charge he could find that was close to the facts was Child Endangering 2117.22 B3. Eyester reviewed this entire section and stated that based on the video and other documentation he does not feel this was a criminal act.

The incident was reviewed by Children Services and then was closed. However, according to the brother of one of the boys who was pushed, the case has now been reopened by Richland County Children's Service due to the surfacing of "evidence that was withheld and not initially given to them."

Eyester stated that it does not meet the elements of the offense and was denying criminal charges. Eyester signed the request form and marked it denied. 

The investigation included both Shelby Police and Shelby City Schools. Police ruled this as a "personnel issue with the schools". Tim Tarvin, Superintendent of Shelby City Schools, declined to talk with us on camera, but released a paper statement that read: 

"The Shelby City School District will not comment on personnel issues. The Shelby City School District takes the issue of student safety very seriously and would not minimize, in any manner, and safety issue involving a student. Furthermore, the Shelby City School District has, and will continue to work diligently to resolve any incident in which student safety may be compromised."

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