Child Safe After Father Allegedly Killed Mother

  • 3/15/2017 9:14:40 AM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

DELTA, OH - Amanda Mangas, a 23-year-old mother living in Delta, Ohio, was shot in the chest and died after medics got to her to the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Her killer, believed to be 27-year-old James Ramey, is in jail in Indiana, being held on a one-million dollar bond.

Michelle Zepeda has the latest on the case.

A young mother, 23-year-old Mandi Mangas found alive by police, but with a fatal wound to her chest.

It was possibly her final words to first responders that saved her son's life.

"She spoke with the first sergeant on the scene, the first thought was with her child," says Delta Police Chief Nathan Hartsock. "Which led us to believe the child wasn't there we searched the house she did give us the name of Mr. Ramey."

Police say after the shooting, James Ramey, the father of the couple's baby, grabbed his son, 10-month-old Winston, and Deb Mangas, Mandi's stepmom, and took off.

"It's unclear whether or not she was being held against her will at this point, but we believe that's the case," Chief Hartsock says.

But an hour later, police were able to issue an Amber Alert for Winston and tips started pouring in.

Those tips led to Fulton County, Indiana deputies to Ramey.

"The agents that were following cell phone pings got behind that vehicle and initiated the stop," Chief Hartsock says.

Ramey was arrested without a fight.

Winston and Deb Mangas were taken to the hospital but appeared unharmed.

Though the investigation is far from over, police charged Ramey with aggravated murder and expect he will face several more charges.

He will remain in Indiana until he is extradited back to Ohio.

A grateful and emotional police chief addressed the media, thanking all the agencies who stepped in to help.

"We do have multiple officers here, my department here working, but if it wasn't for assisting agencies, this would have been a much slower process," Chief Hartsock says.

There is no motive for this crime yet, but it's been learned Mandi Mangas filed a temporary protection order against James Ramey last summer.

And he recently contacted her, violating that order.

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