Gay Couple Told They Can't Hold Hands, Kiss At Pizzeria

  • 3/15/2017 10:47:39 AM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

CINCINNATI, OH - An Ohio couple says a bouncer at Goodfellas Pizzeria threatened to throw them out of they kept kissing and holding hands.

The explanation for the unexpected gesture? "This is Trump's America."

Alexis Rogers reports.

According to Bobby Slavens and his fiancé, what was supposed to be their usual night out at a familiar place had what they call an alarming end.

"We're just holding hands. Didn't think anything about it, then we gave a little kiss on the lips. A very discrete little peck," Slavens says. "As we did so, the bouncer came to us and said hey you guys need to stop that or you are going to get kicked out. We were dumb founded."

Slavens says they immediately unlocked hands but began to feel uncomfortable when they entered the pizzeria.

"We have seen people in Goodfellas or any other establishment, great couples that were holding hands or kissing and nothing was said to them. So we left," Slavens says.

Slavens and his fiancé posted about the event on Facebook.

In the post, they say the confrontation didn't end when they decided to leave.

"As I turned around I heard,  'you better get used to this, this is Trump's America.' After that I was like 'wow', I just walked away."

Goodfellas responded to Slavens, saying the incident never should have happened.

"It is an unacceptable situation. We treat people here as a family," says Mike McLaren, Goodfellas' Bar Manager. "Everyone that comes here as a family and all of our customers as family."

McLaren says they are dealing with the accused person internally.

"Once we have all of the information together, individuals like that do not work for this company," McLaren says. "We do not tolerate that kind of action or speech."

Goodfellas is encouraging the couple to come back.

"Please come back. You are more than welcome here, everyone is welcome here," McLaren says. "Everyone is family, please come back, Goodfellas Pizzeria. Please be a part of our family. "

For now, Slavens tells me, they don't plan on returning.

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