Video Proves 8-Year-Old Was Bullied Before Killing Himself

  • 5/11/2017 3:36:01 PM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

CINCINNATI, OH - A Cincinnati mother is desperate for answers in her son's death.

Eight-year-old Gabe Taye hanged himself from his bunk bed with a tie in January.

Months later, his family claims there is proof Gabe was bullied at Carson Elementary School days before his death.

Eight-year-old Gabe Taye killed himself less than four months ago.

His mother, Cornelia Reynolds spoke days after his death and questioned if school leaders were taking action to prevent bullying.

"I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug," Reynolds says.

The family's attorney says the video is proof that Gabe was bullied at Carson Elementary School just two days before his death.

Jennifer Branch says during her investigation, she obtained video of Gabe being attacked by another student in the boy's bathroom.

"A boy is in the bathroom punching and threatening and assaulting other children and the son of my client walks in, he actually attempts to shake this assailant's hand and this assailant pulls him forward and slams him into the wall and he is knocked unconscious for seven-and-a-half minutes," says Branch, the victim's attorney.

WLWT's requested a copy of the video from the school.

We've also attempted to contact Cincinnati Public School administrators.

They were unavailable late in the day, as word of this video began to break.

But in January, leaders at Carson Elementary told us there was no evidence of bullying.

Branch says Gabe lost consciousness in the bathroom incident and says a school official told Gabe's mother her son had fainted.

"There is concern that there was more violence going on in that school," Branch says. "There was more bullying than mom ever knew, was ever told, and as we learn things, it's been hard to share them with her because her response is if I had only known."

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