Fuel Truck Driver Overdoses At Gas Station

  • 7/13/2017 10:06:08 AM
  • Larry Stine
  • Local News

CLEVES, OH - The driver of a fuel truck was found slumped over the wheel in an apparent heroin overdose.

Police northwest of Cincinnati say they got a 9-1-1 call Wednesday about a driver, passed out in a running truck at a gas station.

Responders say they were worried about getting the driver out of the truck because they didn't know if it was still in gear.

Police say the situation could have been dangerous.

"He was sitting on a bomb," says Cleves Police Chief Rick Jones.

"Did he say anything to you right away?" asks a reporter.

"He did not," Chief Jones said.

"What did you say to him?" asks the reporter.

"I said, 'what are you on?' That was my immediate first question because he was bleeding out of both his noses... both his nostrils and he said 'I'm not on anything.' I said you're bleeding are you OK?' 'No I'm not' and then he wiped, you know and he realized he was bleeding and he admitted to it quickly right after that. Said he was on heroin and he must have fallen asleep," Chief Jones said.

"Again overall how dangerous was this?" asks the reporter.

"This could have been catastrophic. You've got a large fuel truck at a gas station near a terrible intersection. All these things and a driver unconscious? All these things could have been very, very bad," Chief Jones says.

Police say the driver was carrying needles.

Investigators say officers did not use Narcan to revive the driver.

They say he woke up on his own after being startled by police.

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