Ontario Working To Remedy OH 309 Split Dangers

  • 7/13/2017 11:34:29 AM
  • Jay Jackman
  • Local News

ONTARIO, OH - The footage may shock you. 

A WMFD staff member filmed a van going the wrong way in the Westbound lane on OH 309, and this was not an isolated incident.

"Well you know for years we've had some people go left of center there even though it is well marked. We went to council, and we are going to put in bollards similar to what is over by the car wash," stated Ontario Mayor, Randy Hutchinson. "It will be a very visible barrier there, about 200 feet prior to the split. To help deter people from going that way."

Hutchinson mentioned that the City of Ontario recently ordered bollards, and they should only take a few weeks to get in.  

 Hutchinson stated, "We are going to be doing new striping all over the city here over the next few months. As soon as the striping is down, we will put those up, and our crews will put them in."

A few years ago, a car had traveled in the wrong direction from the OH 309 split to US 30 and Trimble before killing someone head on. After installing the bollards, the city hopes this will mitigate future disasters. 

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