A Hamilton Ohio Woman Faces Charges After Faking Kidnapping

A Hamilton Ohio Woman Faces Charges After Faking Kidnapping

  • 9/29/2017 5:03:40 PM
  • Emily Ramey
  • Local News

HAMILTON, OH- A Hamilton, Ohio woman is facing charges after faking her own kidnapping and posting alarming images on social media.

Thelma Williams posted pictures and videos of herself on Facebook, tied up and gagged with underwear.

Her daughter, Lorin Karol, recognized the pole and cage in the background as her mother's home in Lemon Township.

The police were sent there after a family friend saw the pictures, thinking it was an active hostage situation.

Investigators say Williams continued the ruse upon the arrival of the police, however they say it didn't add up, especially as they started to look at the videos.

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County says. "It appears she took the videos herself. We can actually see her waiting for it to come on so she can get her serious face on."

Williams' story began to unravel as they questioned her and was discovered to be a complete fabrication.

She is now charged with making false alarms, but her daughter believes she is not a criminal.

"If my mom made this up it's not for attention. It's because she needs help, not because she needs to be behind bars the rest of her life," Karol said.

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