Loudonville Forum Meets To Discuss Future Of Mohican Forest

  • 11/2/2017 10:36:38 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

LOUDONVILLE, OH - Concerned citizens gathered at the Loudonville Library on East Main Street to discuss the future of Mohican Memorial State Forest on Thursday night after an Ohio Department of Natural Resources presentation several months ago revealed the Division of Forestry's plans to change a long-standing ruling on logging in the forest.

Mohican Ad-hoc Council member Annette McCormick, environmental studies specialist Dr. Randi Pokladnik, and North Central Ohio Land Conservancy member Eric Miller all held the discussion in the Loudonville Library basement, presenting their reasons why changes to the current plan shouldn't be made.

"Mother Nature, and this state - since 1620 - has been living under forested canopies for hundreds of years," Pokladnik said, replying to an audience member who raised the question about whether or not animals were able to thrive with the forest's thick canopy. "All the animals have done just fine. Why would we, in our 'ultimate wisdom', think that we have to go in there and 'take out some trees here and there' so we can regenerate and get some of these species back? No, that would do the opposite."

The panel was held after a fact-finding tour on October 21st and 22nd by North Central Ohio Land Conservancy. For more information or to get involved, visit the North Central Ohio Land Conservancy Facebook page. 

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