Mansfield Memorial Homes Resident Found Bleeding In Street

  • 11/10/2017 9:11:59 AM
  • Jay Jackman
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Around the 5:00 o'clock hour Wednesday afternoon Mansfield resident, Christopher Huffman, was driving down First St. nearing Blymer Ave. when he came across something he never thought he would see.

An elderly woman had fallen on First St. by the Mansfield Memorial Homes' campus.

"Cars were driving around her like a bag of trash," Huffman stated.

He quickly jumped into action and used his car to block traffic while he assisted the woman. Shortly after that a husband and wife stopped to help as well.

"She was on the yellow line and it just killed me I'm the only one who stopped to help this lady as she's yelling for help and crying until a lady and her husband pulled behind me as well to assist," Huffman stated in his viral Facebook post.

According to Huffman, two women, a Supervisor, and nurse, ran from the Mansfield Memorial Homes saying they heard someone say to call for "9-1-1." The women insisted that they didn't need them to call, and they would handle the situation.

Huffman snapped a picture of the woman after they pulled her to a safe place to rest. He mentioned on Facebook that the "Lady's mouth was busted nose bleeding and cut and what worries me is the gash on her head where her head hit the road :( it was bad."

The photo was later posted on Facebook with his story, and now has hundreds of shares with comments of those thanking him for what he did.

When WMFD arrived at the campus we were quickly stopped and told that we will be contacted by Dan Miller, CEO of Mansfield Memorial Homes. Thursday we were contacted by Miller and were faxed the following comment:

"The Mansfield Memorial Home's mission is to provide quality care and services to all residents on its campus. Our campus includes a nursing home, residential care facility, and independent living apartments.

Depending on the resident's residential setting, a resident may not require supervision and/or may be fully independent. We are investigating this incident and although we cannot comment on any specifics due to the privacy concerns, we can confirm that many of the assumptions made by the Good Samaritan are not accurate. The health and safety of all of our residents remains our primary concern."

Before leaving the campus an older female resident told our crew to stop by for dinner one night and bring cameras. "Don't tell them you are coming," she stated. "I'm serious." 

WMFD searched the area that this incident occurred and blood was discovered near where the viral photo was taken.

Huffman mentioned that the woman had told him that she 'didn't want to go back there, they are mean to her.' He said it was hard to see her taken back inside without getting medical attention.

During our interview with Huffman, he mentioned that he was told by Mansfield Memorial Homes that she was examined and was doing fine. WMFD contacted local fire, police, and EMS departments and there was no report of an EMS trip to the Mansfield Memorial Homes following the accident.

“This lady refused to go with them crying, holding on to me. My favorite shirts got her blood on it but that doesn't matter, cause I can always look at that shirt and look back on the day I saved this lady's life.”


Have you had similar situations at Mansfield Memorial Homes? We want to hear about them. Please contact our newsroom at [email protected]

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