Unruly Juvenile Causes One Minor Injury At Youth Academy

  • 11/10/2017 10:37:32 AM
  • Joe Lyons
  • Local News

PERRYSVILLE, OH - At 9:42am this morning Ashland County Sheriff’s Deputies along with several other agencies including Ohio highway Patrol responded to the tri-state youth academy at 1012 O D N R Mohican Rd 51, Perrysville, OH for a possible riot involving at least 10 juveniles.

According to Scanner traffic, the juveniles were tearing off the fire extinguishers and damaging the facilities. Although there were no reports of injuries Loudonville EMS was on standby and was staged in the area.

Deputy Sargent Wood said, “One Juvenile was upset due to a friend dying in Cleveland, Ohio. The juvenile then became uncontrollable and tore off a fire extinguisher and spraying its contents around the facility.

That action caused at least one minor injury, Sheriff’s Deputies interviewed 6 juveniles, one was an assault victim, four were witnesses and one was the unruly juvenile.

While at the Mohican Youth Academy Deputies said a juvenile that had previously assaulted a staff member on the 8th of November became verbally aggressive, so that juvenile, and the one causing todays problem were removed and taken to another facility.

Calls from Mohican Youth Academy have nearly come in several times a week according to Sheriff’s Deputies, most of the calls are about juveniles running away. On November 7th Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a complaint of staff members not allowing one of the youths to make a phone call to his guardian.

According to a former employee, the tri-state youth academy has gone downhill since changes were made two years ago. The former employee reports assaults on staff is a common occurrence at the facility; It’s a weekly thing.

The former employee reports that staff is unable to control the juveniles in a proper manner and reports that ever since Ohio Department of Job and Family Services put such heavy restrictions on them, the juveniles can do whatever they want to and staff has no control.

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