Excavation Started For New Shelby Fire Station

  • 11/14/2017 5:18:08 PM
  • WMFD Digital Team
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SHELBY, OH - Excavation has officially started at the site of the new Shelby Fire Station. 

The hope is for the foundation to be placed before winter, with the structure of the station completed by spring.

Shelby's Fire Station located at 10 E Main St. is the third oldest station in the United States according to Shelby Fire Chief, Mike Thompson. 

The new station will be built on High School Ave., just North of the Shelby Justice Center. This new site location will be out of reach of the typical flood waters that have plagued the fire department for many years. 

"For decades the City of Shelby has been talking of the need for a new fire station. Most of us here remember how the floods in 1987 and 2007 send our firefighters scrambling for higher ground. I believe nearly every councilperson and mayor in recent memory worked at figuring out a way to construct a new fire station with as little fiscal pain as possible." stated Shelby Mayor, Steven Schag.

"Many different kinds of ideas were brought to the table with hopes of producing a plausible plan. When I become mayor in January of 2015, I remember then, Councilwoman Pat Carlise, was passionately searching and encouraging me to research any and all possibilities in regard to fire station construction."

82-year-old, Grant Milliron, owner of Milliron Recycling, came to the City of Shelby and said he wanted to construct a fire station for the city as a gift. Shortly after the initial meeting things were set in motion and details began to emerge.

Milliron spoke to the crowd Friday starting with a verse from The Book of Psalms. He mentioned how he wants to serve the Lord and the community at the same time, and now is the time.

Chief Thompson stated, "Simple, we have outgrown our building." The station currently has trailers stored outside the Justice Center and the station's boat is down the road. With the new station, everything will be under one roof, and the goal is to better serve the community. 

At the request of Milliron, a back patio is being added to the station so firefighters have a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Milliron stressed that the design most likely is not finished yet, seeing it has been revised at least 4 times. He wants to make sure the building lasts 'another 111 years'.

The new station is set to be completed by Summer 2018. 

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