ODNR Postpones Vote To Change Mohican Plan

  • 12/7/2017 9:14:43 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

PERRYSVILLE, OH - After the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Forestry Division announced its intentions to change their five-year management plan back in August, concerned citizens urged the department to re-evaluate its changes, holding town- hall meetings and fact-finding tours in order to better educate the public on what ramifications the changes might bring about.

On Thursday afternoon, the Forestry Division officially decided to postpone voting on the proposed changes until more data could be gathered. The proposed changes would reclassify certain areas of the forest to allow logging to take place. A small crowd attended the meeting, which lasted several hours. The meeting did not allow for public comments, but the general reaction to the Forestry Division's plans was mixed.

People who are against the changes argue that the plan developed for the forest back in 1998 was nearly perfect, citing its ability to allow the Mohican Forest area to develop as an "old growth" forest, a rare ecosystem that animals thrive in. The new plan was ushered in almost two years ago and was intended to last for five years. The proposed changes to the plan were only introduced earlier this year.

The Forest Advisory Council, citing public concern over tourism impact and ecosystem damage, asked for slight changes to the new propositions such as only logging during off-seasons and limiting logging to around 40 acres per year before officially voting the new changes into the plan. Members of the public weren't fully satisfied, but the revisions seem like a start to a plan everyone can agree upon.

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