Richland County Sheriff's Office Warns Of Telephone Scam

Richland County Sheriff's Office Warns Of Telephone Scam

  • 1/11/2018 3:27:43 PM
  • WMFD Staff
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RICHLAND COUNTY, OH - A release from the Richland County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens about a telephone scam involving a caller pretending to be from the Sheriff's Office.

The caller claims to be Lieutenant Troy Stevens, Court Investigator, and tells victims that they failed to show up for Grand Jury or Jury Duty. The scammer then tells people they must purchase a Green Dot Money Card, which is similar to a gift card, and asks for the card number over the phone. This gives access of the funds on the card to the scammer and is untraceable by authorities.

The scammer has also been sending emails making similar claims.

Sheriff Sheldon wishes to remind the public that they will never be contacted for failing to show up for jury duty, nor will money ever be collected over the phone. All fines are paid directly to the Clerk of Courts and money transactions involving the Sheriff's Office are handled in the Records Division.

Richland County residents are welcome to call the Sheriff's Office to verify or report a suspicious call at 419-524-2412.

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