Madison Town Hall Meeting Gives Parents Much-Needed Answers

  • 7/11/2018 10:05:11 PM
  • Jesse Smith
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MANSFIELD, OH - After several Madison Board of Education meetings drew the ire of concerned parents, Madison staff held a town-hall meeting for parents to get their questions answered. Superintendent Shelley Hilderbrand and School Board President Jeff Meyers took part in the meeting, asking audience members to submit written questions in order to keep the meeting as simple as possible.

"I was really happy with how tonight's meeting went," said Hilderbrand. "Parents got to ask a lot of questions. We went through... several questions. I'd be interested to know how many we really got through. The biggest benefit, I think, is just getting out some of the truth and dispelling some of the rumors that are out there that are just not true, and hopefully, being able to clear some of that up - the confusion and miscommunication."

Board President Jeff Meyers also thought the meeting went smoothly, with a wide variety of questions being answered from everyone in the room.

"It was a good mix of questions on many, many different subjects that we got to address, as opposed to one subject being hashed over and over," Meyers said. "There's so many false rumors and falsehoods running around out there about us. 'Selling this, getting rid of that, changing this, getting rid of these schools and classrooms and stuff!' We had to do something to address these issues."

Hilderbrand was glad to finally address some of the misunderstandings, such as where the Jesse Beer/Madison Early Childhood Learning Center fit into things.

"Mifflin Elementary - that was probably one of the most important things for me to clear up," Hilderbrand said. "We're not looking to sell Mifflin or anything like that, and why we would even consider doing some of the things we want to do in preschool. You know, we're not making decisions just to change stuff. We're making decisions so that it betters our community. It betters the bottom line of our fiscal responsibility. We're looking at the efficiency and the effectiveness behind it." 

"I'm just glad to see the amount of people that showed up," Meyers remarked. "...and how kind, how professional (they were), how they took their turns and listened. Listened intently."

The next planned Madison Town-Hall Meeting is scheduled for July 17th at Madison Middle School in the cafeteria.

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