St. Peter's Elementary Kicks Off New 'Be Kind' Program

  • 9/11/2018 1:05:43 PM
  • Tyler Warner
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Mansfield St. Peter's Elementary school kicked off a new anti-bullying initiative on Tuesday that focuses on positive character growth in its student body.

The 'Be Kind' program puts a special focus on kindness and the development and growth of positive character traits in students. Theme months and lessons will be implemented to foster this development and reach the goals of the program. Each month has a theme, including things like 'be kind', 'be me', 'be compassionate', and more.

These themes all aim to focus on a different element of interpersonal communication and individualism and personality development to teach children to grow and learn to be successful communicators and create a better community. Teachers prepare lessons around these themes each month in their classrooms. 

The goal is with the focus put on the themes and the themed lessons, students will pick up on and take to the lessons being taught. 

The 'Be Kind Pledge' is an integral part of the program and it reads as follows:

"I pledge to be kind on good days, on bad days, and the days in between. I pledge to be kind even when others are mean. My kindness, my example is contagious and I know, that by experiencing my kindness, the kindness from others can grow. So always remember that what you say and do counts, because being a leader of kindness is what it's all about!" 

The kickoff event involved all the students coming out to the front of the school. Each grade level was given an area of cement to draw in with chalk. Children were encouraged to write positive messages and draw positive images before everyone said the Be Kind pledge together, lead by school leadership.

The program is developed by the Be Kind First Foundation, which is an educational support program that uses an 11-month long topic-based model to engage children and teach kindness. You can learn more about The Be Kind First Foundation online at

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