Richland County Officials Meet To Review, Update Hazard Plan

  • 9/12/2018 4:10:04 PM
  • Tyler Warner
  • Local News

RICHLAND COUNTY - Richland County Emergency Management Director Mike Bailey gathered county officials together Wednesday to review and, if necessary, update the counties hazard preparedness and mitigation plan. 

The plan was developed and put into place last year after many meetings with county officials and safety and first response personnel. The plan exists to keep citizens of Richland County safe in the face of calamity or disaster.

The plan is required by all counties and must be updated yearly to allow for federal funding in case of a calamitous event such as a natural disaster. The updates will be made to reflect the changes in needs or increases in potentially damaging flooding, storms, etc. that the county leaders observe in their separate jurisdictions. Keeping track of these hazards that are known to county leadership, alleviating them, and trying to prepare for other potential hazards is the core of these proceedings.

Bailey says it's important to keep the plan as accurate and up to date as possible to ensure federal aid in the event of some sort of disaster. The plan is good for five years after conception and implementation and this is the first annual update being done on the current plan.

Two sessions were held Wednesday and Director Bailey says these meetings will hopefully continue to happen annually.

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