Madison Students Gather To Have Their Voices Heard

  • 9/19/2018 11:33:54 AM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Shouts of "I-M-O" and "we have voices" were heard all around the Madison Local School District on Wednesday.

Students of the Madison Local School District gathered at Madison Comprehensive High School for an organized protest. The protest itself was due to recent interactions with students and Madison Local School District Shelly Hildebrand. 

Students stated that the Superintendent was handing down in-school detentions to students who replied to a recent tweet on her twitter account. 

Replies such as "I'd rather have Kaple back" and "please just leave the district" were left by students. It these tweets that Madison students state as the reason they were handed in school detentions. 

The hashtag "I-M-O", which stands for in my opinion, was spread on t-shirts, signs, and more as students aimed to remind the school board of their 1st amendment rights. 

Other signs at the protest read "Mr. Hicks, Mr. Walker, Free Speech, what else are you trying to get rid of?" and "make Madison great again" and "opinions matter, even ours!

"She went and posted something on twitter saying that we needed to be leaders, and saying that we need to speak out minds... and some kids commented on it and said 'every time we do speak our minds we get in trouble', " Glenna Yunker, a freshman at Madison Comprehensive High School, said in regards to recent interactions on social media with students and Superintendent Hildebrand. 

Students originally planned to hold the protest in front of the high school but were told to head into the gymnasium as the school was on lockdown from the recent manhunt of Shawn Christy. Students complied and entered the school. 

Sometime after, students began exiting the school building and walking towards the Madison School Board of Education building. 

Alumni and parents also joined students in the protest. 

"The superintendent needs to give these kids ten minutes and at least listen to them instead of trying to silence them and getting them in trouble," Amanda Yunker, the mother of Glenna Yunker, said. "That's all this is about... it's about the kids being allowed to speak their opinion without getting in trouble."

A Madison Local Schools Board Meeting is planned to take place Thursday evening at 6:30 PM at Madison Middle School.

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