179th Airlift Wing Installs Mamava Lactation Pod At Base

179th Airlift Wing Installs Mamava Lactation Pod At Base

  • 10/5/2018 2:17:48 PM
  • WMFD Digital Team
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - To support mothers at the airlift wing, the 179th Airlift Wing Maintenance Group installed a Mamava lactation pod to provide mothers a clean, private space to breast pump, enabling them to continue to support their family life while at work. 

The lactation pod, located in Hanger 102, came from an idea from Master Sgt. Cortney R. Fleming, a Munitions Systems specialist, and Resource Advisor at the 179th Airlift Maintenance group. Master Sgt. Fleming saw the struggles mothers went through to breast pump at work and experienced it first hand when she was a new mother. 

"We have so many women that are pregnant or are breast pumping now, and I'm tired of going into bathroom seeing extension cords from across the counter all the way to the shower," Flemming stated in a press release. "One, how uncomfortable and two, that's not sanitary."

Flemming said she submitted the idea in hopes to take a step forward for not only women, but as a form of innovation in the workplace. 

"Innovation is so important because our world is changing all the time," Flemming said. "It is crucial for us to be changing with it, we have to be at the forefront."

According to Mamava's website, the company mission is to transform the culture of breastfeeding. Mamava's motto is "nursing should be a right, not a privilege." 

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