RCT Industrial Park Bus Service To Increase For Employees

RCT Industrial Park Bus Service To Increase For Employees

  • 10/5/2018 2:58:40 PM
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MANSFIELD, OH - Mansfield industrial park employees can expect an increase in Richland County Transit bus services. 

Richland County Transit has joined forces with businesses, such as the North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc and its workforce development division, Temp2Higher, and the Richland County Regional Planning Commision to bring increase service to the area. 

For a six-month trial period, the buses will run at times that coincide with shift hours at most industrial park employers. 

The new schedule includes departure times from the Station Transit of 6 A.M and 3 P.M. The departure times also include a stop at School Specialty. 

Milark Industries have also been added as an "on-call" requested pickup. The On-call service requires patrons to call the RCT office 5 minutes before the beginning of the route in order to have the driver divert to the requested location.  

"The addition of the new bus routes was strategically timed to coincide with the shift schedules of industrial park employers," Amanda Cooper, NECIC/Temp2Higher Business Development Coordinator, said in a press release. "These changes have opened up wonderful opportunities for more of our residents to access stable work. By removing the transportation barrier, employers will experience some relief with costs associated with retention and recruiting." 

The trial project will run for six months. 

"We on the Richland County Transit Board truly have a heart for the community and look forward to any opportunity to better serve the Richland County area," Holly Troupe, Richland County Transit Board Chair, said. "[This project] is an example of community leaders, area businesses, Richland County Regional Planning Commission, and the Richland County Transit Board working together to seek out and test solutions for the needs in our area."

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