Engineering Student's YouTube Series Launches Second Season

  • 11/7/2018 5:52:13 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Former Miss Ohio contestant Xyla Foxlin has been hard at work producing digital content through her nonprofit organization "Beauty and the Bolt," all with the goal of making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) more accessible to all.

Beauty and the Bolt's main platform is their YouTube channel, which has over nine thousand subscribers and counting. The team's videos, dating back to December of 2016, each center around a different tool, skill, or project related to STEM fields. These can range from automatic speed drill presses and 3D printing to laser-cut paper snowflakes and a DIY Beauty and the Beast themed wooden cutout. Now the Beauty and the Bolt YouTube channel is producing content for fall of 2018, which a promo video claims will be the channel's biggest season yet.

"Beauty and the Bolt is a nonprofit really geared towards lowering the barrier of entry for young women and minorities into STEM and maker spaces," Foxlin told WMFD. "I would love to see, you know, not only numbers of women increase, but just numbers of anyone who wants to do engineering."

Accessibility is a powerful theme across all Beauty and the Bolt's platforms, for women and for people of color. According to the Beauty and the Bolt website, "it’s about time we teach our children that engineering and femininity are not mutually exclusive. More so, it’s time to teach that engineering isn’t exclusive to anyone of ANY background."

It's not all about the digital content, either - the team creates a curriculum for real-world classrooms, too. "I'm trying to create engineering curriculum that's actually engaging for students," Foxlin said. "We're creating content and we're creating curriculum that we think is useful."

More information on Beauty and the Bolt and their mission can be found on their website.

Subscribe to Beauty and the Bolt on Youtube for more of Xyla and the projects she works on!

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