Mansfield Residents Protest To Support Mueller Investigation

  • 11/8/2018 8:40:00 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - Concerned residents are showing up to protest across the country in support of special counsel investigator Robert Mueller, who is in charge of the case of U.S. President Donald Trump and his interactions with Russia. The protests are a rapid-response event held by the group "Move On" in response to the dismissal of Jeff Sessions, who previously oversaw Mueller's work on the Russia investigation. One of these protests, held in downtown Mansfield's Central Park, had over 50 Mueller supporters holding signs while chanting "No one is above the law" and "This is what Democracy looks like."

"This is one of probably about 900 protests that are going to occur throughout the nation over the next day or two," said Eric Miller, the organizer for the Mansfield protest. "What we're protesting is any effort on the part of Donald Trump to place himself above the law. He has expressed the notion that he doesn't have to answer for his violation of the law and even his own attorney has made the claim that he doesn't have to answer for violating criminal laws. Even though the rest of us citizens do. We're here to say he's not above the law and that he needs to allow this investigation to continue."

The investigation is being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which has resulted in several of the Trump administration's key advisors and figures being indicted or pleading guilty to collusion with Russian agents.

Miller says that while he wishes to see the investigation continue unimpeded by Trump or the Trump administration, he also wouldn't object to other investigations opening if there was a reason to believe any wrongdoings were committed by other political figures.

"I know there are people who feel like, what if Hillary broke the law, too? To that, I would just say the Republicans control the Prosecutor's Office, the judiciary - to a large extent, and they certainly control the Senate," Miller said. "If they think she has violated the law, then let them investigate. Let them indict and try to convict her."

The group continued chanting as they marched down the street, further into the center of Central Park as cars honked while passing by.

"The point is, Donald Trump needs to answer for his violations of the law if he committed them," Miller continued. "He shouldn't be allowed to stop the investigation."

For more details on Move On or to get involved, visit the Move On website.

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