Area Agency on Aging Honors Employee's Legacy With Award

  • 1/14/2019 1:48:08 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - The Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging has given one or two employees the "Employee Award of Excellence" annually since 2006, but this year's award was very special.

Two honorees were chosen to be honored at December's all-staff meeting, first nominated by coworkers and then selected by CEO Duana Patton based on their accomplishments within the organization and their dedication to the mission. Sebrina Lamp, a resident of Mansfield, has been employed with the agency for over four years. She serves as an Ohio Home Care Waiver Case Manager, and was honored for her work ethic, diligence, and support for her co-workers.

"She is just one dynamic young lady who is part of the glue that holds everything together," said Duana. She noted that Sebrina could often be found filling in for superiors who were out on vacation without even being asked, providing necessary support for her team.

The second individual, Kenneth Ferreira of Shiloh, was honored posthumously. He had served as a Medicaid Services Specialist since 2016, and was recognized for his enthusiasm for his work and his commitment to the mission of the Agency. Kenneth passed away two months before the meeting where he was honored.

"He was one of those who would never complain about anything, and when things weren't quite right, instead of making it somebody else's problem, he found a solution," Duana said, providing an example involving a skylight above his work station. The afternoon light would shine in and glare off of the paperwork and his computer screen, but Kenneth did not complain. He simply asked if he could wear a ball cap at his desk. "Later did I find out that he loves to wear a ball cap anytime, anywhere," Duana smiled. When the ball cap proved ineffective, Kenneth put up an umbrella. "Talk about innovative! I mean, the guy was just remarkable, and just found great ways to overcome challenges and barriers and help everybody else do the same."

According to Duana, the Employee Award of Excellence is an important way to recognize accomplishments and inspire others, and she has the data to show it. Since 2006 16 individuals have been awarded the Employee Award of Excellence. Of those 16 individuals, 11 are still working for the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging. Collectively that group of individuals has contributed 184 years to the agency.

Duana says this type of appreciation is important in the culture of the Agency, mostly because she knows the greatest asset in any organization is the people. "I think it's really important to always keep people in the forefront... finding ways to acknowledge them every day."

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