NECIC Looks Back On 2018, Makes Plans For The Future

  • 2/6/2019 7:04:03 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - The North End Community Improvement Collaborative, or NECIC, held a board meeting Wednesday afternoon to review the organization's accomplishments in 2018 as well as establish a plan for the future.

The meeting began at 4:00 at NECIC's home on Main Street in Mansfield. Dozens gathered to hear a statement from President Jeffrey Jones, receive a financial overview from CPA Mark Wilging, and hear the director's report from Executive Director Deanna West-Torrence.

"We're looking at all the projects we did in 2018, where we are on our vision statement, which talks about the year 2028, how we hope the North End will be," said West-Torrence. "So now that we're in our twelfth year, we're just checking our progress, kind of taking the temperature of where we are and determining where we need to go."

2018 was a busy year for NECIC as they pursued their mission to improve the quality of life in the North End community. During the 2018 calendar year, NECIC secured millions in funding from local and Ohio agencies, as well as from their own initiatives such as Temp2Higher. That funding was used to support the local workforce through programs like Temp2Higher, to make healthy food more accessible through community gardens and farmer's markets, to host educational programs for kids and adults alike, and to improve housing in the North End.

Seventeen farmer's markets provided fresh, locally grown produce to families over the summer, and that type of access is important in a place that has been classified as a "fresh food desert" in the past. NECIC has also hosted fifteen educational programs on a variety of topics, including cooking, business planning, painting, gardening, and more. They have also put resources into various youth programs in the area and striven to improve the local housing market by eliminating blights and developing safe, affordable housing.

Of course, nothing is accomplished alone. Also at Wednesday's meeting were community members and representatives from other organizations that hold partnerships with NECIC. 

"We do have so many significant partnerships," West-Torrence continued, "And I think that's where a lot of the optimism comes from. We're really excited about things that are going on in the North End, things that are going on in the community at large, and really celebrating this wonderful team that I work with, our wonderful board, and all of our community partners and the work that's ahead of us."

More information on NECIC is available here.

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