Progress Report On Flood Mitigation Project At Board Meeting

  • 2/19/2019 8:36:16 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - At Tuesday night's Mansfield City Schools Board of Education meeting, Mansfield City Engineer Bob Bianchi gave a presentation on the next steps in the Touby Run Flood Mitigation Project and explained how Mansfield City Schools will be involved.


"Downtown Mansfield floods. It's in a flood plain. Homes have become vacant in that flood plain, they have been demolished. Businesses have become warehouses, warehouses have become vacant in that flood plain. So we want to remove the flood plain determination downtown to encourage economic vitality in that area that it hasn't seen for quite some time," Bianchi told WMFD.


One of the steps needed to make this happen is to create a flowage easement over Mansfield City School District property. That flowage easement would allow the land to flood when necessary.


"In certain rain events, very large rain events, a flowage easement would be required to allow the city, as part of this project, to flood the area," Bianchi said. He explained this to the school board and addressed each of their concerns. It was noted that signage would be necessary to indicate a high risk of flooding in that area in order to keep students and pedestrians safe, and the school board was reassured that parts of the property, such as the volleyball field, would not be damaged.


The next step in this process is for the city to make an offer to purchase the easement. Once the board accepts that offer, they can negotiate terminology, and then begin the project.


"The school board, and Mr. Garverick, has worked very well with us thus far, and we believe this will be very positive for both parties," Bianchi continued, "and certainly for the city of Mansfield."

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