K.E. McCartney Memorial Luncheon Brings Community Together

  • 3/10/2019 12:54:42 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH- The 25th Annual Kenneth E. McCartney Memorial Luncheon took place on Saturday to raise money for the K.E. McCartney Memorial Building.

The Luncheon began in 1994 as a way to raise money for a Democratic Party Headquarters in honor of Kenneth McCartney's passing, according to Chairman of the Building Committee, Brian McCartney.

"This is the 25th year we've been holding this.  It started back in 1994 with the plan being to purchase and renovate a downtown building that needed some help," McCartney said. 

Originally the luncheon raised money to help fund the purchase of a building.

"For the first 12 to 13 years all we did was raise money to build a new headquarters," McCartney said.  A headquarters was something that Ken McCartney believed strongly in, so we as a family after he passed away were approached by the party to have this annual event to raise money for this headquarters."

The K.E. McCartney Memorial building is located at 16 S. Park Street in downtown Mansfield.

"We have now a beautiful rental hall and an upstairs area where we have some housing," McCartney said.  "This annual event now goes to pay for all the annual upkeep of the building, so that's what it's all about."

Olympic Gold Medalist, Butch Reynolds, was the keynote speaker at the event.  

"My keynote speech is about, I call it the five starting blocks.  We've all got to set goals for ourselves and we all go through transitions in life, some adversities and some winning," Reynolds said.  "This building right here is a team they've been together for 25 years, so it's an awesome team and they keep doing good things for the community."

McCartney said that the event was a way to celebrate the team's accomplishments.

"It's not a political event.  This is more a gathering of friends and family that believe in a common cause, which has been this headquarters and this building,"  McCartney said.  "My dad's name is associated with the building, but it really represents all the people that have worked so hard after all these years to make it a reality, so we're just glad to be here and glad to have all these folks to celebrate together."

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