Marion Residents Give Feedback On 5-Year Mitigation Plan

  • 3/13/2019 8:55:30 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

MARION, OH - Residents of Marion County held a meeting to discuss improvements and highlight problems in the county's current Hazard Mitigation Plan. Hazard Mitigation is any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risks to human life and property from hazards such as tornadoes, flooding, and severe storms.

"It's really, really important to our community," said Sarah McNamee, the Director of the Marion County Office of the Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security. "We have a lot of flooding here, we've got a lot of other issues we want to look at and so updating the Mitigation Plan every five years allows us an opportunity to decide what the next round of projects are that we're going to try to seek funding for, and what we've been successfully able to mitigate for our own community so that we can work on something else."

McNamee says that Wednesday night's meeting mostly involved getting residents from around the county to participate in surveys that help identify problems or gaps in the current mitigation plans, and give feedback on what's currently working. After those surveys are collected, county officials will determine what needs to be changed and present updated plans at another meeting, with another survey to fill out. 

"Be on the lookout," McNamee said. "We're going to send out surveys. We want as many people participating in the process as possible. If you happen to live or work in another community, we also support all of their planning needs too. We want to make sure you're participating in the jurisdictions that you live and work in."

Those who were unable to attend Wednesday night's meeting will still be able to see the relative information through their local government, with information being distributed in town hall meetings and city buildings throughout the county.

"We try and make sure it's out to, at least, your township trustees, your mayor, so if you go to local town hall meetings, that information will be posted," McNamee said, adding that if the relevant information can't be found, those interested could also contact her directly. "You can call my office at 740-223-2412."

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