Ashland University's Fourth Annual Day Of Giving

  • 3/21/2019 7:11:51 PM
  • Jenna Ramolt
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ASHLAND, OH - March 21st marked the fourth annual day of giving for students, staff, and alumni at Ashland University, and student organizers were hard at work collecting donations both big and small.

The Day of Giving is a one-day event held both online and on campus, and donations accrued during the day go to the Ashland Fund to support scholarship programs, academic and athletic clubs, and more. Majors, programs and Greek Life organizations can win any of seven different challenges posed during the day by garnering as many donations, or "votes," as possible. This massive display of support and "eagle pride" garnered $38,000 from 450 donors for the Day of Giving, and that was before the day was even over. The ultimate goal was to receive donations from 700 individuals, and a donation could be as small as $5.00. Participants could "match" certain amounts or pose "challenges" to up the ante for other donors, injecting a little bit of friendly competition into the day.

Students who made their way to the Student Center or Recreation Center had the chance to snag a free t-shirt- all they had to do was write a thank you card to a donor explaining why their donation mattered. Many people wrote about their Greek organizations, the friends they made on campus, the majors they loved, or the exchange program they came from.

The event was organized by student advocates like Rachel Stallard, a junior studying Marketing Business Management at AU. She says the organizing experience gave her and the other students involved great hands-on experience that tied directly into their majors. This year, the students decided to utilize social media even more during the process, and hope that the event will keep getting bigger and better every year.

So, how do donors keep track of the day's progress and the good that these funds will do?

"Give Campus is a really cool platform that we are utilizing," Stallard said of the platform that hosts Day of Giving online. "There we have a leaderboard where you can look at the people by class or by years past. Then we also have a map where you can see where people are donating from around the United States. You can also post personal plead videos so others can see why you are personally giving and to encourage other people to give, as well."

The student advocates encourage you to show your #AUeaglepride on social media: 

Facebook: Ashland University

Twitter: @Ashland_Univ

Instagram: @ashland_university


Find more information on AU's Day of Giving here.

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