Richland EMA Provides Update On Recovery Efforts In Shelby

  • 4/16/2019 2:03:42 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - The Richland Emergency Management Agency provided an update on the current status of recovery efforts in the City of Shelby. 

At the Richland County Commissioners meeting, Rick Evans, Director of Richland EMA, stated that the agency is currently awaiting reports from damage assessment teams. The teams are currently going around different areas in and around Shelby in order to get an estimate on the amount of damage caused by Sunday's tornado. 

Evans states that once the information comes in the team will assess whether or not they will file for additional aid from the state of Ohio. A declaration might be needed from city officials if the agency decides it is necessary to contact the state for relief efforts. 

In addition, Evans said the total number of injuries are now down to five. None of the injuries are considered serious. The five were treated at OhioHealth.

"We were so fortunate to only have five," said Evans after talking about the severity of Sunday's tornado. 

Evans also says that anyone with food, clothing, or any other kind of donations can bring them to the Shelby Police Department.

Richland County Commissioner Tony Vero said that he and the other commissioners are in constant contact with multiple agencies in Richland County that are providing help and will continue to do so. 

Richland County Auditor Patrick Dropsey confirmed that state law authorizes County Auditors to reduce real estate value for properties that have been damaged or destroyed. This could result in lower real estate taxes for a property that had been affected by the storm. These lower rates would stay in effect until the property in question has been restored to its prior condition or value.

"We would like to hear from citizens who have suffered structural damage to their property," Dropsey said in a press release Monday. "... so that we may update our information and allow them to take advantage of statutory value relief."

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