911 Calls Show Community Banding Together After Tornado

  • 4/16/2019 5:44:54 PM
  • Jesse Smith
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - A series of 911 calls from Shelby have been released in the aftermath of the tornado that ravaged the city and the surrounding countryside.

The first of the calls alerted city officials to the sudden danger that was quickly approaching. As the situation worsened, citizens started calling as the tornado began forming. Dispatch services took quick action, periodically calling for assistance from other departments around the area to respond to emergency calls.

After the tornado had passed through, residents began assessing the damage done to their homes and the area around them.

"Yeah... it's bad," reported one caller, choking back tears. "Lord, we've been hit bad."

The tornado traveled over 16 miles, damaging or outright destroying buildings, vehicles, or anything else in its path.

"There is a car that rolled over," said another caller. "There are two people out here, and they're bleeding."

Several of the car dealerships at the edge of the city were heavily damaged, with the roof being ripped from the Rocket Chevrolet dealership and cars in both lots being pelted with debris. The farms outside city limits had barns flattened, houses twisted into rubble, and equipment or tools being hurled into nearby objects as the winds whipped around the area.

In the chaos, several people took advantage of the confusion and surprise that was caused by the tornado.

"Their roof was blown off, and they have looters in their house," advised a dispatcher. "They're not sure if they're still there but they want to file a report."

While several people were reported injured after emergency services were able to respond, the ordeal could have been worse. Thankfully, no fatalities were reported after the event, but the day still left emergency responders a little shaken up.

"Getting pretty crazy, is it?" Asked one of the dispatchers helping coordinate emergency services.

"It's... it's nuts. It's nuts," Breathed another.

The city is finalizing cleanup efforts for affected areas with debris blocking roads or lots and is expected to be finished by the end of the week.

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