Student Faces Charges After Crestview HS Bomb Threat

  • 4/23/2019 9:30:17 AM
  • Joe Lyons
  • Local News

ASHLAND, OH - Crestview High School was on lockdown Tuesday morning due to a bomb threat. 

High School students were moved to the Middle School. 

Superintendent Randy Dunlap stated that at 7:40 AM a note was found in the boys bathroom in the commons area that prompted the school to evacuate the student body and contact the Richland County Sheriff's Office. 

The note stated "I can't wait for the bomb to go off today". 

The Sheriff's office conducted an investigation and found interviewed several students that were identified through security cameras entering the bathroom. 

One student told deputies that while they were in the bathroom, another student walked into the bathroom and left a short time after. Once the student was finished in the bathroom, he saw the note and took it to the principals office. 

The student who entered the bathroom and left shortly after admitted to placing the note and stated that they were dealing with personal issues and thought about the note this morning, according to a police report. 

The student was taken to a local area hospital. Charges are currently pending at the prosecutors office. 

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