Suicide Prevention Walk Brings Bucyrus Community Together

  • 5/11/2019 2:14:44 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

BUCYRUS, OH-  The 15th Annual Crawford County Walk for Suicide Prevention was held on Saturday in downtown Bucyrus to help raise money and awareness for suicide prevention.

The walk was held on North Sandusky Avenue under sunny skies and drew a large crowd of supporters.

Chairperson of the Crawford County Suicide Prevention Coalition, Cindy Wallis, said that the event is very important to the Bucyrus community.

"The reason that we do it is to hopefully prevent any more suicides.  We've made a lot of progress in preventing juvenile suicides and we're starting to put a lot more focus in our adult population, so we're really excited.  What a great turn out today," Wallis said.

Wallis said that the event usually raises about $5,000 to $10,000 for the Crawford County Suicide Prevention Coalition.  With this money the organization can create educational programs for the community, especially through the schools.

"Most of those funds go back into the Crawford County School Systems," Wallis said.  "We're very blessed. Almost all of the schools from Crawford County participate in what we call the signs of suicide so we go out and do education with students and then we also do depression screenings and suicide screenings."

The suicide prevention program that the organization teaches to students in grades 6-12 is called Signs of Suicide (SOS).  The program teaches students to ACT if they see a friend, or if they themselves may be suicidal. ACT stands for Acknowledge, Care, and Tell.  Wallis said that it teaches students to "acknowledge that you or a buddy is struggling, let them know that you care about them, and tell a trusted adult."

Through the program students receive an ACT card and Wallis said that many students will keep the card and use it to help themselves or someone they know.

"We have several students who actually keep the card that they're given and have actually walked into community counseling and brought their friend in because they had that card," Wallis said.  "So saving a life is worth it."

Wallis is thankful that the Bucyrus community is so supportive of the Suicide Prevention Coalition’s work.

"Thank you for everybody being here today," Wallis said.  "There's so many families who are here because they lost a loved one and our goal is to prevent another loss in this community so thank you to everybody for being here."


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