Mansfield Resident Avoids Close Encounter With Burglars

  • 6/7/2019 1:58:30 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - It was late afternoon when Sherrie Washington decided to call it a day after completing some yard work. She headed back into her Malone Road residence, talked with her boyfriend over the phone, and then proceeded to head to bed. 

She went to sleep thinking that it was just any ordinary night. 

However, when her neighbor came knocking on her door early in the morning the following day, she knew something was wrong. 

"We need to take a look at your cameras." Sherrie's neighbor said. 

"Was someone in your driveway?" Sherrie replied.

"No, they were in YOUR driveway." 

Those words caused Sherrie to briefly panic, as she then went inside her home to check the footage from last night. What her neighbor said was true. Two individuals were spotted on security camera footage, looking inside her car, as well as inside the window of her side door. 

The burglars attempted to open the car, but no luck. They then tried the side door to the residence. Still nothing. They then tried the backdoor, but once again, found out it was locked. 

Sherrie said that while talking with her boyfriend last night, he told her to make sure her doors are locked. She double checked and made sure all doors and windows into her home were locked. Sherrie says that could have been the difference of waking up to a burglar in your home to waking up knowing they couldn't get in. 

"I was upset with myself that I didn't get up for it..." Sherrie said in regards to thinking about what transpired that night. "I didn't feel prepared." 

The Mansfield Police Department was then contacted and notified of the failed break in. Sherrie brought the security footage to the police, and found out that the two spotted on her cameras have been on the department's radar for a while. 

Some time passed, and Sherrie was contacted by Lt. Ken Carroll with good news. 

"They're caught. You can sleep tonight!" Lt. Carroll informed Sherrie. 

The two suspects were caught and arrested by the Mansfield Police Department, Sherrie sighed in relief to hearing the news. 

"It was a struggle to sleep for a while, it really was." 

Sherrie says if it wasn't for her neighbor alerting her, she never would have checked her security footage. 

"They are great neighbors... thats all I say.,.. If you don't communicate with your neighbors thats really sad. You really need to communicate with your neighbors to keep the community safe."

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