Kiwanis Club Of Mansfield Searches For Purrfect Cats

  • 8/15/2019 2:45:18 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

MANSFIELD, OH-  The Kiwanis Club of Mansfield officially launched their Purrfect Cat Competition in a meeting today at Hudson and Essex.

The money raised from the Purrfect Cat Competition will go toward the purchase of a second minibus for the Friendly House.  The competition is a spin off of the club's Coolest Dog Competition that ran earlier this year.

Anyone that thinks their cat is purrfect, can submit a picture and description of their cat.  It costs $10 to enter your cat, and each vote costs $1.  The contest runs through September 20.

Vice President of the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield, Jessica Dulle, said that the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield has a long history of supporting the Friendly House.   When they heard that the Friendly House was in need of new mini buses, they knew they had to help.

"We desperately need two mini buses for the Friendly House," Dulle said.  "They are at capacity and to get the children to the Friendly House and to all of their different trips that they take, they need transportation.  So we have gotten one mini bus and now we are working on getting the second one.”

The competition will also benefit the Richland County Humane Society.  Dulle said that for this competition they wanted to do even more community outreach.

"It's cat season.  They have a lot of adult cats and kittens that need homes and they need extra supplies while they're at the shelter so we are going to be doing a 'stuff the new Friendly House bus' on Saturday, October 12.  You can bring in pet supplies and we're going to stuff the bus and all of those supplies are going to go to the Richland County Humane Society to help care for the animals."

For more information about the Purrfect Cat Competition, visit the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield website.


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