Ashland Police Chief Named OACP President

  • 8/23/2019 3:04:10 PM
  • Joe Lyons
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ASHLAND, OH - WMFD's Joe Lyons recently had a chance to sit down with Ashland Police Division Chief David Marcelli and speak to him on the recent promotion to President of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP).

This being not only an honored position but one that is sought after by many in Law Enforcement circles. 

Established in 1928, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing professionalism and innovation among police executives in order to assure the continued success of the law enforcement community. There are 461 active Chief members and a total membership of 1211.

The Association offers a broad range of professional, educational, and informational services to its members and their agencies. The Association is governed by the Executive Committee made up of the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Past President, Treasurer, Life member representative, and six district representatives.

The interview with Ashland Police Division Chief David Marcelli proceeded as follows:

“What does it take to become President of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police?”

“Every year at the general membership meeting, elections are held for the Offices of Treasurer, Life member representative, and 2nd Vice President. The 2nd Vice President, serves a 1-year term, then progresses to 1st Vice President for a year and then to President. I have been on the Executive Committee for 9 years, starting as a District Representative for 5 years. I was elected 2nd Vice President in 2017, in 2018 I progressed to 1st Vice President and will continue to work through the four chairs before leaving the Executive Committee.

“When did you get promoted – advanced into this position?” “How long does the position last?”

“The terms of Office are one year from June to June.” “I actually assumed the last two months of the previous president, Jeff Scott, when he left his Chief's position to take another appointment at Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.”

“My term began June first of this year so I will have served almost 14 months when it ends next June.” “I will then assume the Past President's role on the Executive Committee.”

“Being the Top Chief is such an honor, what comments have peers or families made concerning this advancement?”

“I was happy to have my wife and family present in May when I was sworn in by Attorney General Dave Yost.” “They traveled a long way to be there and I was grateful for them to share this with me.” “I was also honored that retired Chief Bill Miracle and his wife Sharon, Fire Chief Rick Anderson and his wife Tracy, and Mayor Matt and Melanie Miller were there as well.” “My involvement with the OACP has been tremendously rewarding.” “I have received much more from this experience than I have put into it.” “It was interesting that at last year's ceremony, sitting at the head table, I was seated between Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs (now retired), and Chief Jeff Scott who was being sworn in as OACP President, all three of us from Ashland.”

“The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police has a direct effect on Ohio law in a lot of areas; can you name a few?”

“The Association is asked to provide opinions and direction on a myriad of bills proposed or introduced in the Ohio House and Senate.” “This is performed primarily by our Legislative Committee.”

“A few of the most recent issues have been the front license plate, Drug Law rework, and Concealed Handgun legislation.” “In addition, members of the Association sit on numerous committees and boards throughout the state to represent the interests of our members.”

“The subject areas of these groups cover a large spectrum of public safety activities.” “These committees help shape policy and regulations.” “I sit on the Ohio Supreme Court's Court Security Committee and that experience has been very rewarding.”

“As the Chief President of OACP, do you often get asked where you stand on laws and proposed laws?”

“I receive weekly updates on proposed legislation that affects law enforcement with a summary and status of these proposals.” “Working with the Legislative Committee, I am often asked my opinion and have been called on to offer written testimony to the appropriate legislative committee.”

“Would you consider this one of the top honors in your career?”

“The top honor of my career has always been serving this City with the men and women of the Ashland Police Division.” “In my mind it is the one that counts the most.” “My time with the Association's Executive Committee has been a great learning experience.” “As a patrol officer, I found an old issue of ‘The Ohio Police Chief’, the OACP magazine, with a photo of the President on the cover.” “I set a goal at that time; if I was fortunate enough to become a member, I would become President.” “I am privileged to serve for the remainder of my term and look forward to the next ten months.” After conducting this interview with the Chief,

I asked Mayor Matt Miller to comment on the Chief’s accomplishment. Mayor Matt Miller commented:

“This is an excellent professional opportunity for Chief Marcelli, and a great way for him to exercise a strong voice for local police departments as our state officials seek to development laws and policies that will influence our local safety forces.” “We are so proud to have our city represented at the highest level of the OACP—and it was an honor to join him as he was sworn in the role of president this year.”

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