Shelby Man Shares Story Of Recovering From Opioids

  • 9/23/2019 2:37:18 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - When Brandon Thulls first became addicted to drugs, he was using heroin. His opioid addiction spiraled out of control, with Brandon turning to multiple drugs such as cocaine to satisfy his addictions. Eventually, Brandon turned to selling his personal possessions - sentimental objects, appliances, anything he could sell for a quick buck - in order to get his fix. However, he soon ran out of his own personal property and turned to theft to continue supporting his habit.

"I would steal from stores to support my habit... steal from family members." Brandon explained. 

Brandon's addiction caused him to lose several jobs, his home, and even caused him to serve jail time. At one point, Brandon lost everything - and almost lost the ability to see his children.

Brandon was admitted to New Beginnings by Catalyst Life Services for his second go at rehabilitation. He states that originally when he was admitted, he had the mindset that he would just get through the program, do what they asked of him, and then go on with his life. 

In a sobering moment of clarity, Brandon realized what he was doing, and where his life could be heading if he didn't change his ways. 

"It was a matter of just being tired of living like that," Brandon explained. "Being 30-years-old, and not having anything to my name, and not living with my kids."

Brandon knew that he had a decision to make - one that would drastically impact his life. 

He took his rehabilitation seriously, doing what was asked of him, and seeking additional help to make sure he would not walk down the path of addiction again. Before, Brandon was content at watching it all unravel, but a change in Brandon sparked his path to recovery, a path that would open new doors of opportunities in his life. 

"I now have goals in life, to better my life, to better my children's life... be there more for my family... especially for all that I put them through." Brandon explained. "It took away everything, it almost killed me multiple times... but I have a lot of things now that I did not have before. I have a good job, I have a home, I see my kids everyday.... more fulfillment and happiness is something I have today that I did not have before."

Brandon emphasizes that those who are seeking addiction must come to terms that they need to help themselves and realize that they need to go through recovery for themselves, not just for other people. 

The first step is to recognize that you need to help yourself. The next step, Brandon says, is to talk with someone, and not deal with the struggle all by yourself. 

"Don't feel that you are an imposition to anyone... your not gonna bother people with it." Brandon said. "If you have people around you that care for you or you can find places that care for people with an addiction problem... you are not a problem. There are people that are willing to help... you're only hurting yourself by keeping it in"

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