The Ashland Angle: A Look Into Shines Theater Renovations

  • 11/6/2019 2:06:11 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

ASHLAND, OH - In Ashland, an empty theater has occupied Center Street for quite some time. History is steeped within the walls, with it being a former go-to destination for movie lovers in the city. Now, a group of people from Ashland is looking to restore the popular attraction.

One of those people, Scott Donley, President of the Shines Theater Board and Founder of Good Deed Entertainment, is tapping into his movie production roots to help kick start the project. 

Ashland Mayor Matt Miller sat down with Scott Donley and talked about the renovations coming to the long awaited reopening of the Shines Theater. 

Shines Theater is located on Center Street in Ashland, Ohio. For quite some time, the theater has gone through some major renovations in order to restore the former popular site back to its former glory. 

The Shines Theater board received a grant of up to $800,000 to renovate the theater from the State of Ohio. 

"Where we are at right at this moment is that the exterior of the theater is just about finished," said Scott Donley. "We have been working on it for six to eight months. Within the next thirty days the exterior of the building will be complete."

One major focus in the renovations is the restoration of the marquee. Lights will be installed underneath the marquee in order to have each movie title pop out, and LEDs will light up the name of the theater in order to have the entire front of the building pop out when residents pass by the theater. 

The next step is the installation of windows, and finishing touches to the outside of the theater. The biggest part of the project, however, is yet to come. Renovations inside the theater is expected to be the longest part of the process. 

"There are holes still up in the ceiling... everything is out of it, the drapes, the seating, the carpet." Donley stated. "That is where we are going to need to do work, and we are doing a capital campaign for that."

The goal is to have the interior and exterior renovations done by December of 2020. 

"We would love to have a grand opening as a New Years Eve Party." Donley said. 

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